Coach Jarno's Blog #8 - STRENGTH is Health

Forget the old ideology about what it takes to be in good health. Strength is the primary marker! Read More


Coach Jarno's Blog #7 - Resist Insulin for Fat Loss!

Hormones regulate your body at all times. Insulin is responsible for HOLDING ON to your fat storage. What can we do to regulate insulin?! Read More


Coach Jarno's Blog #6 - The Natural Cancer Preventatives

Our lifestyles directly relate to those scary diseases that none of us want to experience. Let's talk about the relation between good health and exercise and nutrition. Read More


Coach Jarno's Blog #5 - Muscle Your Heart to Health!

Your heart is the most important muscle in your body. To make it stronger, you need to do proper training. Strength training. Read More


The Science of Strength

The aging process can really take a toll on our bodies.  Individuals who were once lean, active, and thriving can, over the course of a decade or so, become weaker, more susceptable to things like osteoporosis, high blood pressure and/or cholesterol levels, diminished balance and strength, and weight gain.  Why does this happen? Read More

Coach Jarno's Blog #4 - Bone-afide Strength!

Bones go through the same strengthening process as the muscles. How's that for "two birds with one stone?!" Lets talk about bone strength for a minute. Read More


Are You Exercising At The Right Intensity?

All exercise is NOT created equal.  Exercise has to force the body to make a positive adaptation. These positive adaptations include increased bone mineral density, improved metabolic function, strength gains, weight loss, balanced hormonal levels, and more.   The truth is that walking and other weight bearing activity like jogging does NOT stimulate these improvements.  Read More


Why Muscle Matters

Do you want to age well?  For many of us, as the years pass, our bodies tend to feel weaker, less resilient, more prone to injury, and just not the same as they used to feel.  There is a problem we all face that causes this decline.  It's called Sarcopenia. Read More


Coach Jarno's Blog #3 - Body Fat

The old way of thinking was to enforce a low fat diet. "Fat will make you fat", they said! As the science of nutrition has advanced in the last 30 years, and type-2 diabetes is at epidemic levels in our society, we need to ask ourselves what it is that we are doing wrong and what needs to change. I have the answer to that. Read More


Coach Jarno's Blog #2: Metabolism in a Nutshell

Everyone wants to lose the fat around their middle. The way we think about food has to change as a society. It is fun to enjoy food from time to time, but we need to be eating just enough nutrient rich foods to give our bodies the proper amount of energy to complete our daily tasks at hand. Exercise and nutrition play the two main roles in boosting our bodies metabolism. Read More