Coach Jarno's Blog #2: Metabolism in a Nutshell

The question I get asked a whole bunch is, "I want to loose fat and tone up. How do I do that"? Well, "toning up" has to do with a decreased amount of body fat on top of your muscles and the muscle itself shaping up due to strength training. We could do all kinds of training but if there is too much body fat on top of the muscles, you probably will not see the toning that is happening underneath. This process has to start with strength training, but you are going to have to do all the other steps to really make that change in your body. Strength training, healthy diet plan of real foods that are high in protein and healthy fats and low in carbs/sugar, as well as staying active on your off days are the 3 main factors to seeing those strong muscles start showing up in the mirror. This is where metabolism really comes into play. Even though you might not see visible difference at first, I can assure you that if you put the time and effort in then you will start the process of getting stronger. A client in his first month of exercise with us asked if it is possible that he could already be getting stronger. He was already noticing a difference. He is an avid golfer and said he was hitting the ball further than before he started the program. We told him he is getting stronger based on the computer data in the system. It is a little unusual that it has so quickly affected his golf game, but we are very happy to hear it!
Your resting metabolic rate is the amount of calories you burn in a single day to keep your body alive. Your metabolism will spike when you break muscle down for repair (aka. strength training). By not eating an overload of calories and having a hightened metabolic rate, you are now enhancing the fat burning process. So, if your body is more hungry to burn fat.... im sure you get the point. This is not an over night process because it is as natural of a process as anything. Dedication and time will provide you a new look and feel. Seeing the positive changes in your body will benefit you the rest of your life.
Summer is around the corner so lets get eating healthy and keeping the training in your schedule twice a week. See you at the studios!