Coach Jarno's Blog #3 - Body Fat

I remember growing up and being a hockey player. We used to always go for the post game or post practice dinner at the local Italian restaurant to refuel our bodies. Everyone knew that athletes ate a high carb diet so that we could have the energy to perform the next day. Well, eventually I stopped playing hockey for good. But I was still set eating that high energy diet. It had been a part of my life ever since I could put on hockey skates. I started gaining weight, and I mean the bad kind...body fat. Before I realized it, I had gained several pounds, and my body started to change. I had to rethink my lifestyle when it came to what I was feeding my body. Now don't get me wrong, I was eating plenty of plant based foods, but there was a lot of the pastas and pizzas as well. What I quickly realized was that even though my daily sugar intake was low, my refined carbohydrate intake was through the roof. I took those bad carbs out of my diet completely. I was still working out but I cut my carb intake to pretty much only plants. I reversed my weight gain and improved my overall well being almost instantly. So what happens in your body when you overload yourself with refined carbs and sugar? 
Your body uses glucose as the main source of energy. When you eat high energy foods, your body starts producing insulin which is a hormone that helps control glucose levels in your blood. As the body's insulin levels rise, your body shuts down fat burn and starts worrying about all the glucose coming into your body meaning your fat burn stops and your fat gain starts. So in a nutshell, as you eat more energy than you need, that glucose coming in is converted into fat storage. So how do we keep the body from raising its insulin levels so it can keep burning that fat you so dearly want to get rid off? The answer is simply eating foods that do not cause an insulin spike. Any food that is high is sugar and carbohydrates are going to spike your insulin. The best diet is a diet that is high in protein  (good for those healthy muscles), high in fat (healthy fats are vital for your organs), and you should keep the carbohydrates coming from plants since you still need some. Eat REAL food! 
Studies have been done where the western diet was introduced to areas in the world that have enjoyed a diet of REAL food, and the results we straight scary. People were getting sick left and right. It's no surprise that type 2 diabetes is a product of the western diet. 
To be able to lose body fat you have to stop putting high refined energy into your body and start enjoying the real foods we have all around us. As the insulin levels stay down, your body shape changes and your fat content will slowly start walking away! REAL talk, REAL food!


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That’s a very useful blog about body fat and its different implications. Yet I have read in superior papers customer reviews services that having only 6-10% body fat is extremely good for our body and overall appearance. Sadly, obesity is getting worse day by day.