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Smart Ecccentric Training reaches deep into muscle to safely "break down" the sliding elements of muscle fibers for the stimulation of particular and powerful benefits. This is eccentric contraction.
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Losing weight

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John H.
"Great component of an overall exercise program. The staff makes the difference"
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Activity Is Outdated

It’s a forgone conclusion. The “just get moving” message just hasn’t worked out. 21st Century Fitness professionals, and successful health transformers, no longer view minutes of movement as the metric to watch. People today are too busy for time-consuming activity based programs. Over last decade, the focus has shifted onto strength-based exercise programs, and for many good reasons.
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Ron Holleman

Personal Trainer

Ron spend 31 years with Electronic Data Systems in a wide variety of leadership roles. Upon retiring he thought golf, family, and community would keep him busy. Well, it does, but it's not enough! Ron is one of the most engaging people you will ever encounter. The team has a special nickname for him, so ask when you meet! His big smile, calm demeanor and soft voice belies hes tenacity and desire to help our clients exceed their fitness goals. You will finish your workout in a short 20 minutes and wonder how it went by so quickly!

At a glance:

-Ron loves being with his large family of 5 kids and 16 grandchildren, doing whatever they love to do!
-Playing golf several times a week with friends adds extra value and joy to his week.
-His favorite pastime (aside from his weekly workouts at the studio) is sitting outside on the deck of his lake home, enjoying the scenery.
-Favorite exercise: Pro-2 intervals

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